Ahhh, a nice warm soak for the feet, so soothing and healing. Good for tired sore feet and great for any skin condition. Turns your foot bath into a refreshing olive gold Alaskan wild flower treat, the smells are so woody, sweet, and spicy.

Our wild herbs and flowers are picked with respect to the earth and never over harvested.

Our foot soak will come in a hand sewn mesh pouch as seen in photo along with another cheese cloth bag to place into if you like.To preserve the fresh aroma and therapeutic potency, foot soak packets have been vacuum sealed. Photo shows one sealed and one not sealed. Foot PKT. size is 5 1/2'' x 7''  and very potent. I like to put PKT. in a LG. pan (stainless steel or enamel) pour boiling water over herbs just to cover PKT., put lid on and steep for 15-20 minutes. Then pour into your foot bath water, herb PKT. and all. Now, after you have chose the right temperature, put bare feet in and breath in the scent of sweet woody flowers and relax for 20 minutes..  


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