Information for Haines Locals

Welcome to a healthy way of life for your pets. .Feeding a raw diet takes more of a commitment on the part of the owner than feeding dry food.

Thank you for not feeding your dog or cat dead enzymes, dead vitamins, dead life force, indigestible caramelized proteins, concentrated sugars, chemicals, colors and preservatives. These are just a few of the things that are very wrong in conventional processed dog and cat food on the market today.

Bottom line is, the biggest problem with cooking is that it creates all or most of the toxins that cause or contribute to many of the diseases that we are all trying to prevent in our pets life.

Our dogs and cats are CARNIVORES and should have 55% to 65% (cats need even higher at 95%) raw meat in their diet every day..Some say carnivores need no grain at all, and some are allergic to grains like wheat and corn, some may be allergic because of the molds, bacteria and pesticides used and don’t even realize it.

Klehini Carnivore uses only clean human grade top quality grains .Brown Rice and barleys are rinsed many times and soaked for 2-3 days for higher digestibility.(I doubt that the pet food industry does the same)

We do not use corn, wheat or soy in our dog food and no grain at all in our cat food, only wheat germ and flax. However our premium grains like brown rice, pearled barley and rolled oat and rye supply important vitamins, minerals and proteins needed to help your pet thrive. These quality grains make this pet food more affordable for our customers. We are always happy to add a higher % of meat, make special orders or go all organic upon request at a higher price.

Variety is essential to deliver the correct mix of raw vitamins and minerals that are offered in each meal.

In the wild carnivores eat the organs as well as the meat and get most of their raw vegetable matter by eating the digested content of their vegetarian prey. So different vitamins and minerals are delivered properly. Try to pick a different meal every day.

All of the meat (U.S.D.A. approved) and food used is all natural human grade..Some vegetables and fruits are organic and grown locally in organic gardens, others are bought here in Haines. All eggs that are used are cage free , organic or local grown.

We make fresh every 2 weeks, 3-5 kinds of meat meals, Beef and Beef heart, turkey, chicken and salmon when available .(salmon is not raw) Salmon and chicken are ground whole with bone to utilize important calcium. Beef heart, livers, gizzards are all ground fresh, turkey and beef are ordered ground.

Good ground turkey is hard to find without “natural flavoring “ added , yes even at our grocer. We use ground turkey with no flavorings.

(so called, natural flavoring can legally be about 10 things, some harmful!) Whole turkeys bought in the grocery store, unless organic have flavorings or are sodium injected, so we have rejected store bought whole turkey to grind.

Chicken is good to add in the weekly meals because of the ground bone.

Heart meat is good to add in weekly meals because of the high essential taurine content. (Taurine is a heat sensitive amino acid and is destroyed when meat is cooked ,so the pet food industry must add it back in. Taurine that is manufactured is chemical and made in China..

Raw meat provides 50 or more important heat sensitive vitamins, minerals, amino acids and pro-biotics that are destroyed when subjected to high heat processing and then must be added all back, in chemical form..Hmm something is wrong here.

Pet food companies figured that one out when pet foods were first being cooked into hard bites that were easy to feed and pkg., after a while, pets started going blind and other deficiencies arose .

Food is fresh, frozen, and delivered to town every two weeks at a mutual location.

Containers are to be brought back cleaned for refill. Convenient 1 cup burgers are also available in vacuum sealed bags at a slightly higher price.

Dogs and cats need 2-3% of their body weight in food every day, it depends if your dog or cat is older or thinner or overweight, this food can be adjusted to meet every need with quick seen results.

  • Puppies and kittens need 10% of their body weight every day for proper bone growth.

  • The best time to start feeding puppies and kittens a raw diet is in the womb. That can not always happen so the most important time would be the day you bring him or her home.

A fifty pound adult dog that is not under or over weight needs 3 cups of Klehini Carnivore food a day, One and a half cups in the AM and one and a half cups in the PM.

Treat raw dog and cat food as you would any raw meat in your home. Put cookie sheet or tray under frozen food as it thaws to prevent drips from touching other food. Wash hands after handling raw food and it’s a good idea to wash dog or cat food dishes often.

Concerned about salmonella or other bugs? Don’t be, the digestive system in dogs and cats are short, acidic and handle bacteria very well. Diseased and contaminated meat, molds and drugs that are in slaughtered animals sold to the big pet food companies are far more scary than raw meat bought at our grocer.

  • Please do not cut food with a knife while in plastic containers, this causes knife holes and cuts and will leak.

  • When returning cleaned containers, please do not use scented trash bags, the scent permeates in the plastic and is even hard to wash out.

  • It’s OK to let dogs lick out containers but watch out for chewing, you may have to buy the container.

  • Each container or bag of burgers has a colored dot to let you know what flavor to grab out of your freezer. RED-beef, GREEN-turkey, Yellow-chicken, BLUE-salmon.

Calcium is very important, meat bones are an excellent source of calcium and should be fed once a week. Never feed a weight bearing bone. Leg bones of any animal are a weight bearing bone, they are much harder and splinter into sharp shards that many Veterinarians have had to surgically remove.(Cooking leg bones make the shards even harder) Dogs can eat rib bones, chicken backs, necks and wings all raw. We put our dogs out side when feeding raw chicken bones and let them eat rib bones on washable carpets in the house.

All bones are human grade, rib bones are meaty prime A-1 Angus beef .Meat bones should be allowed once a week in place of a morning or evening meal to promote saliva for good digestion also a good work out for the teeth and gums.

Observe your pet and watch for changes ,like water consumption goes way down ,.still change water daily. They may shed, but very quickly a new shiny healthy coat grows in that resists mats. Over weight pets start to loose weight and under weight pets start to gain right before our eyes.

Food is $4.45 a pound plus tax and may be subject to change due to rise in meat / produce prices or if shipping costs go up..

Just some of the changes you can expect in your pet are….More energy, better weight management without being on a diet, strong immune system, less fatty tumors(lipoma),relief for arthritis, no tarter, less allergic reactions, fewer skin and fur problems (matting, itching), strong muscles and tendons, balanced growth for puppies and kittens, reduced risk of stomach torsion, a positive impact on musculoskeletal system, reduced trouble with anal sac impaction , less dog odor and less poop and besides aesthetics this means nutrition is actually processed…….

If you feel you can not afford a raw diet every day, studies have shown that even feeding half raw has been proven to be a health benefit..

If you have any questions or would like to make an order please call or e-mail.

  • Ask about our gourmet , gluten free, subscription treats.