Start out feeding 2-3% of body weight, 10% for growing puppies. A healthy 50 lb .Adult Dog only needs 3 cups a day.

No need for 100% raw right away, 75% raw is good to start .An animals body needs time to readjust to a healthier diet, to cleanse and alkalize properly. If you feed dry kibble now do not mix the two, it slows the digesting process.

At the end of the week expect to be feeding completely raw and on the way to be seeing a new and happier dog or cat emerge.

( We started out 100% raw right from the start with no problems at all )

Many dogs and cats start right off on all raw and experience no detox effects at all. Detox may take a week, 2 weeks, a month OR NOT AT ALL.(our dogs and cats experienced no detox symptoms at all, 10 dogs 8 cats)

If your pet is sick or has suffered an illness, he or she may experience some of the detox symptoms below.

The most common symptoms are vomiting, diarrhea, bad breath and itchy skin. It is normal for these to get worse before they get better, keep he or she comfortable during this process.......Don’t give up.

Observe your dog or cat and watch for changes like water consumption will go way down (still change the water daily) they may shed but very quickly a new shiny healthy coat grows in that resists mats. Over weight animals start to loose weight and thin animals start to gain.

Let your dog have a raw meat bone once a week in place of a meal, “meat bone” being a non weight bearing bone. I have these bones available, also cats enjoy raw chicken necks as do dogs, I sell both upon request.

Cat food has a higher % of meat with egg yolks, spinach and no grain..

Cat’s are very picky and some do not want to go raw others dig right in. To get your cat to eat raw you might try mixing a bit of mackerel or sardine oil on top or even broiling the meal just enough to get the juices flowing.

These tricks work for picky dogs too, do not cook and never microwave...

Try to feed different flavors during the week, in the wild carnivores don’t eat the same thing every day, variety is essential for complete nutrition.

Food will keep up to 3 months in freezer and about a week thawed in refrigerator.

Thaw out in refrigerator or in portions out of refrigerator .

Keep raw food diet away from other foods.

Keep a tray under dog/cat food in your refrigerator.

Keep left overs covered and always wash your hands after feeding.

If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to call me at, 907-767-5676

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