• If or when you cook fish for your pets, be sure to freeze for three days to kill bacteria and parasites.
  • Salmonella can naturally exist in the GI tract. Antibiotics and steroids make your pet mor susceptible to salmonella poisoning.
  • Add a digestive enzyme to pet food if on antibiotics or steroids to help replace the natural flora that these drugs destroy.
  • An egg yolk gently cooked are live cells, healing and are the best form of niacin and B-3.
  • A hard boiled egg is a nutritious high protein snack for a dog, shell and all, (good calcium).
  • If your dog is over weight, do something about it - exercise + good nutrition + attention = A healthy and balanced dog..
  • If your cat is over weight , do something about it, take them off dry cooked food and try to switch over to a raw meat diet, watch your cat transform into the leaner carnivore it was meant to be..
  • Cats do best on a poultry based diet
  • Cat salad , some cats really like this to nibble on once in a while. 1 grated carrot, 1/4 cup grated zucchini , ½ cup chopped broccoli or clover sprouts, ½ tsp. Parsley, toss salad with salt free chicken broth, sprinkle with organic cat nip and serve. Can be stored in refrigerator up to three days in air tight container.
  • Do not use cedar bedding or buy cedar filled beds, these are toxic and can cause bronchial problems.
  • Use only stainless steel or glass feeding and water bowls, plastic holds bacteria and pottery can leach harmful chemicals .
  • Keep plenty of daily fresh water at easy access , even in the winter, dogs or cats can not get enough water from ice or snow.
  • Ginger water for sore joints. Boil a slice of fresh ginger in ½ .gallon of water for about 10 minutes and pour over food or in drinking water. Store in refrigerator
  • Heats up joints from the inside out
  • Avoid pavement/asphalt for your older dog when walking, less elevation and shorter distances but more often.
  • A fan can be a great comfort to an overheated older dog.
  • Dog popsicle on a hot day. Just slice carrots, zucchini, green beans, asparagus, add to ice cube trays and fill with salt free chicken broth. Another yummy popsicle is cooked or raw chicken heart or liver in ice cube tray with broth poured over, freeze and serve.
  • Loosen that collar, dogs change as they grow older and collars can get too tight. Only use break-away collars for cats.
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