What’s Wrong With Commercial Pet Food Today?

Pets today are soft and doughy and suffering from a variety of ailments linked directly to carbohydrate rich processed food, ( cancer, diabetes, arthritis, inflammatory bowel disease, hyperactivity, seizures, etc. )

Obesity - is a significant health problem in many pets and can contribute to major disease. What do farmers feed hogs and cattle to fatten them up? Corn and grains. Most pet foods consists of carbohydrates. High Carbs are particularly dangerous for cats who are “Obligate Carnivores” (Carnivores designed to meet their every need from a high protein diet of RAW MEAT).

Many manufacturers add a long list of synthetic or isolated vitamins and minerals that do not fully replace those natural forms that have been lost in processing or Insufficiently supplied in the first place!

Many pet food makers use “4-D” sources, that is animals that are Dead, Dying, Disabled, and Diseased....Other pet food ingredients include food rejected by USDA for human consumption. Like moldy grains and rancid fat. In addition to disease it also contains large doses of hormones (cats are extremely sensitive to hormones). The FDA- center for Veterinary medicine still reports on the risk of phenobarbital in dog and cat food.

Some companies are irradiating their food to kill bacteria but is endangering our pets health or even killing them causing Ataxia (loss or lack of muscular coordination) or paralysis of the limbs.


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